Paulaner digital trainings

We are glad to introduce the Paulaner Digital Trainings. This is the latest addition to our constant effort in supporting you and your staff to reach the next level of excellence and improve your business performance.

Our new training plan is built of digital sessions covering different topics that will help you thrive in your business, and it is free for all Paulaner partners. Get an overview of the sessions for the second half of the year and stay tuned for more sessions to come!

Training Program 2022

Paulaner’s Presence | May 10th, 2022

Time: 10-11 am Munich Time & 5-6 pm Munich Time
Speaker: Hyeun-Mi Lee, Head of Brand Management International

What’s new at Paulaner? See for yourself! Get a quick rundown by attending the Paulaners Presence session on May 10th!

We’ll run you through our exclusive new Corporate Identity applications, as well as introduce you to our most flexible brand concept yet!

The same training will be conducted twice on May 10th. The first session time is more suitable for Asian / European times, and the second for Americas.

To register for the session, click here. You just need to fill in the information and you will receive the link to the session.

Kick-off into the Weissbier season: Biergarten Activation | 4.4.2022

Time: 10-11 am CET & 5-6 pm CET
Speakers: Franziska Baab & Sara Wimmer

You want to be up to date about Paulaner’s brand platform Biergarten & new supporting materials? Do not miss this session! It will contain diverse updates about activation, new off- & on-trade tools as well as social media content and will help you to make the most out of the Weissbier season.

Flashback – 2021 Training Program

Training plan 2021

Paulaner – how to use the brand’s valuable assets to create growth | 28.07.2021

Time: 10-11 am CET & 4-5 pm CET
Speakers: Franziska Baab & Cathrin Greilich

Learn more about Paulaners strong heritage and the concepts Biergarten and Oktoberfest. Get to know the toolboxes we offer to build an exciting and sustainable brand in your market. For all brand specialists who build marketing & sales plans.

Taste the unique Paulaner variety | 07.09.2021

Time: 10-12 am CET
Speaker: Michael Linninger

Do you want to talk like a beer sommelier? Get to know our beers like an expert, the different styles, stories and sales arguments of the products. From beer basics to food pairing. Do not miss our digital beer tasting! Mostly relevant for your sales force.

The ideal setting for the beer tasting is to have the following Paulaner beers available: Weissbier, Weissbier Dunkel, Weissbier 0,0%, Oktoberfestbier & Salvator. If you also have a Weissbier glass, you are set!

Winning online | 26.10.2021

Time: 10-11 am CET
Speaker: Cathrin Greilich & Gemma Ripol

Online has undoubtedly become a key channel for the beverage industry. Food & beverages has had the greatest positive impact from the COVID-19 online push. How can you leverage this channel and win in e-commerce? In this session we will share our best practices in the channel and give tips and tricks on how to upgrade your presence in online shops. Relevant for e-commerce, sales & marketing managers.

Social media – Paulaner best practices | 18.11.2021

Time: 4-5 pm CET
Speaker: Sara Wimmer

Achieve full potential on social media. Get to know the Paulaner best practice guideline and build a unique look and feel for Paulaner on social media platforms. For all social media specialists and those willing to upgrade their account.

Marketing news 2022 | 01.12.2021

Time: 10-11 am CET
Speakers: Franziska Baab & Cathrin Greilich

The session will be about our Brand Plan 2022 and our exciting new video toolbox. A must-session for all brand specialists who build marketing & sales plans.

Marketing news 2022 | 07.12.2021

Time: 5-6 pm CET
Speaker: Franziska Baab & Cathrin Greilich

The session will be about our Brand Plan 2022 and our exciting new video toolbox. A must-session for all brand specialists who build marketing & sales plans.